Farewell 7a

So yesterday Phil and I cleaned out and locked up the first flat we lived in together for the last time. The amount of dust that had accumulated in cupboards and presses was impressive.

Despite it being the smallest flat on the earth, I will miss the privacy and comfort of having our own place to live. A friend told me a few years ago “this is what you do in London, first, you live somewhere alone and then you live somewhere nicer, but you have to give something up; privacy, location, price… something has to go.”

So we have given up privacy but the new location is about the same, and the price is excellent. Also, our new place definitely has more room, but then that would not have been hard to achieve.

Once we had scrubbed, scoured, dusted, swept, mopped, packed and moved we spent a bit of time exploring our new local area. I have always for the last two years thought that this area was not that nice, however, so far we have located the local hipster bar, complete with craft beers, a gin menu, gourmet burgers and pizzas with unusual toppings.

Yesterday we found another local pub which brought on a wave of nostalgia for Sunday pub grub in McCarthy’s of Fethard, with tartan upholstery, worn pink carpet and shades of green that have never been viewed as particularly attractive. The food, however, was delicious, the service was friendly and the vibe was pleasantly local, the kind of place families take their kids when they also want to meet other adults.

I curled up with a pint and a book. All in all a well spent Sunday.

Here’s Phil, learning about beer.

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